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The Voice That Changed Everything – A Book of Gratitude

The Voice

This incredible book collaborative is designed to inspire, to encourage, and to THANK that person who most impacted your life!  For all of us there are many people who helped make us who we are–for you it may be a friend, or a teacher, or a relative.  It could have been a pastor or a business partner.  Maybe it was a coach or counselor.  Who saw greatness in you and helped you develop it?  Who reached down to help you when you most needed it?  This book is dedicated to the voices in our lives that mattered the most!  Read these inspiring stories from co-authors from around the world who share their story and say ‘thank you’ to that person who spoke greatness into their lives!  This book will inspire YOU to #BeTheVoice for someone else!
As one of the Co-Authors of ” The Voice That Changed Everything ”  John J Myers
This book is available at

Trillion Dollar Stimulus Bill – Purpose and John Myers are proud supporters of RIGHT TO FIGHT



The mission of our RIGHT TO FIGHT campaign is to potentially prevent prostate cancer in 1,000,000 men through education via seminars, health fairs, webinars and conference calls. Our campaign has allowed us to do more than just educate about this silent killer of our men. We have now been given a RIGHT TO FIGHT

To learn more visit  www.RightToFight.Info